AAU Volleyball

I had the opportunity to attend a club volleyball tournament to watch my sister in Salt Lake City, Utah a few weekends ago.  My sister is part of a volleyball team through AAU (Wyoming AAU Volleyball). At these tournaments there are roughly 15-25 teams playing to place first. Before anyone is able to make it to tournament, each team has to play three games in their age bracket, also known as pool play, before they make it to tournament. This allows the teams to see where they stand coming into the tournament. Luckily, during this tournament, my sisters’ team made it to the gold bracket tournament.  The team had a great last tournament and definitely went out with a bang. I was able to document the whole day. Check it out at AAU Volleyball.

A public relations approach almost came naturally to me. It is easy to get straight to the point and tell everyone what is going on at an event. Twitter is also a form of social media that I don’t use a whole lot, so I didn’t especially feel comfortable using a more personal approach when I made a tweet. Since I am still new to Twitter, I was afraid to make my first few tweets, but I quickly grew fond of it once I got my feet wet. I felt like I wasn’t going to have a lot to tweet about going into this tournament. But after almost 12 hours of non stop volleyball, I had more than enough to tweet about. I have only been to a few of these tournaments, so for next time, I will do a little more research on the tournament because I have noticed that every tournament is a little different depending on where it is at.

Something that I struggle with sometimes is right to much. Twitter really helped me with getting straight to the point and keeping things simple.  Now that I have used it and tweeted multiple times, I might use Twitter more often now that I know how it runs and what kind of audience I can reach.