Viewing Photos at Every Angle

 Studying Away; Creative element: Cropping

The creative element of this photo is cropping. Part of the notebook, textbook, and pencil are framed into the picture, hence the cropping element. This photo is cropped in the fashion that it is so that any outside distractions are kept out of the photo and the viewer can focus on the main message of the photo. There is also the element of background. The picture focuses primarily on the pencil at the bottom of the page and fades away as the picture moves up the notebook and to the textbook.

Ambitious College Student; Creative Element: Texture

The main creative element for this photo is texture. Between the two notebooks, highlighter, coffee, and all of the objects in the background, there is a lot to look at. There is also the element of thirds. The planner in the middle third, the highlighter and coffee in the left middle third, the notebook in the middle and middle right third, and the table and background in the top third. The photo is intended to display a day in the life of a college student who is trying to stay on top of their school work, as well as stay caffeinated to get through the day.

All About that Bean! Creative Element: Background

In this photo, the creative element is background. The photo focuses primarily on the coffee and notebook in the front of the picture, while the TV and stairway to the lower level of the Union fades away in the background.  The photo also shows a little bit of color. While it is a generally neutral colored photo, the color of the TV presents a pop of color and brings the focus back to the coffee. The photo is intended to display the importance of coffee to college students who are trying to get back into the swing of a new semester and get off to a great start.

Snow Day; Creative Element: Leading Lines

The creative element in this photo is leading lines. The tire tracks lead out through the willows and leads the viewer out to the frozen lake before they finally fade out.  This photo also creates depth. The ground towards the front of the picture leads out over the lake and to the hills in the background, where they meet the sky. The intention of this picture is to show the viewer that even though it was chilly over the weekend, you can still find beauty in nature.

Afternoon Sun; Creative Element: Creates Depth

The main creative element in this photo is creating depth. There are the willows and bushes on the close side of the lake, as well as the hills on the far side of the lake, creating almost a wall around the lake. There is also some texture in the snow towards the bottom of the picture. The shadows created from the afternoon sun over the weekend shows how uneven the snow is and gives some texture to the photo.

Before this assignment, I had never really thought about all of the different types of creative elements. I had known about the rule of thirds from a photography class that I took at my previous college.

I had always tried to focus on one subject and blur out the background or put more emphasis on the one subject, but I didn’t realize that there were so many different ways to do it.

During this project, I looked at taking photos a little differently, even if it was just with my phone. I often found myself asking, “What if I take a photo from this angle, or from this angle?”

Before this assignment, I thought I looked at things a little differently while taking photos, but this project clearly proved me wrong.


Let the Journey Begin!

I am looking forward to learning so much about the different forms of media that’s out there! I honestly don’t excel when it comes making videos and anything that deals with audio. I know how to take a picture, download it, edit on Photoshop and then upload it onto a blog, but that’s the extent of my creativity.

Ultimately after college, I want to work for a magazine as a photographer. This would be a dream job that would help me gain a lot of experience before I partake in my ultimate dream job as a travel photographer. If I learn how to efficiently navigate around a computer and all the different ways to publish media, I could successfully get my work out there, whether it be for personal use or work use.

I cannot wait to learn about how to write and express myself through the internet. I use a lot of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and I also have my own personal blog. But honestly, I am not very good at keeping up with them. I always have good intentions of doing so, but I don’t always do that.

While I would like to think that I know what I want to report on, I honestly don’t have anything specific. I know I want to do something along the lines of anything outdoors. I might report about local photographers in the area.

There are so many topics I could cover. But if I am going to be honest, sports instantly come to mind when I think of things that I would report on. I am probably the last person you want reporting about sports.

 Just about anything else is fair game though. I would definitely enjoy reporting about local news or anything that hits close to home.